Bird's Nest Nutrient Capsule
Bird's Nest Nutrient Capsule

Bird's Nest Nutrient Capsule

120 capsules / bottle, 425mg / capsule

  • Nourishing heart and calm the mind, replenishing heart energy, relieve oblivious and help sleeping, warming and replenishing vital energy and blood of pregnant women and keeping fetus healthy.
  • Strengthening the constitution and the lungs, and relieving symptoms of nasal sensitivity
  • Activating Yang energy and supplementing vital energy in order to eliminate symptoms of pale complexion and lung deficiency, remove facial pigmentation and freckles.
  • Invigorating the middle-warmer, reinforcing the stomach, regulating the flow of the vital energy and carrying out neutralisation (with proven effects for the deficiency of gastric energy, poor digestion, excess of gastric acid, stomachache or inappetence)
  • Nourishing and darkening the hair, and reducing hair loss.
  • Increasing nutrition, promoting the development and growth of children and youth, relieving tiredness and preventing energy deficiency of elderly.

Due to high living and working stress, people often suffer from early aging because of Yin and Yang disorder of body. Therefore, it is necessary to have timely tonification and nourishment in order to keep bright and young. Chan Lo Yi Bird’s Nest Nutrient Capsule is a premium efficacious tonic formulated scientifically with high quality bird’s nest and precious medicinal herbs, on the basis of classical clinical cases and famous Chinese medicine practitioners’ experience, to cater for modern people’s health and beauty needs. Over 80% of ingredients are concentrated under modern scientific technology so that the amount of active ingredients is significantly increased. The product is known that it can greatly relieve middle-warmer energy inadequacy, insomnia, palpitation, facial pigmentation, freckles, hair loss, grey hair and climacteric discomfort arising from vital energy and blood deficiency in five viscera. It is particularly good for vital energy and blood replenishment of pregnant women and keeping fetus healthy. The product is mild and suitable for people of all genders and ages and it is highly popular. Product quality is assured and it is the right supplement for healthy body.

Radix Panacis Quinquefolii, Radix Codonopsis, Poria cum Radix Pini, Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Radix Glycyrrhizae Preparata, Nidus Collocaliae and others
For adult, take 4 capsules daily. For children over 5 can use half dosage with warm water. (For those suffering from dryness heat may take with dilute saline.)
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