Chan Lo Yi | Company’s Story
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Company's Story


By adhering to the spirit of “Top TCM research by taking quality and safety as our core value”, Chan Lo Yi is committed to offering top quality TCM products for our consumers so as to enhance their quality of life and build a trusted brand among users. Established in 1995 by Dr. Chan Chi Wang, Chan Lo Yi has various lines of medicine products which are developed for combating diseases of affluence. Manufactured in GMP licensed factories with assured quality, our products aim to take care of people's health.


By emphasizing quality, Chan Lo Yi has insisted to use authentic Chinese herbal ingredients together with high-tech production equipment, precise analytical laboratory and monitoring system since our establishment so as to give people a peace of mind in buying our products. Currently our sales areas cover Hong Kong, the Mainland China, Macau and East-Asian region.


Dr. Chan Chi Wang the founder insists on:

Spirit: Top TCM research by taking quality and safety as our core value

Mission: To benefit the society

Principle: Procurement of premium indigenous Chinese medicinal ingredients and 100% made in Hong Kong