Chan Lo Yi | Development of medicine
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Development of medicine


The Chan Lo Yi Group has set up a new world-class GMP plant in Hong Kong with an investment of several ten millions in 2009. The professionally designed and constructed plant, which is supported by the School of Biomedical Sciences of the Chinese University of Hong Kong as consultant, brand new automatic machinery from Europe, extract equipment and standard pure water control facilities from the USA, has further modernized and upgraded the plants to world-class standard. The plant even boasts a laboratory of the latest standard with the state-if-the-art test and analysis equipment for further Chinese medicine development in the future. All these are aimed to promote the Chan Lo Yi brand a professional, reliable and premium image by maintaining product stability, safety and effectiveness.


Strict procurement of herbal medicine

Indigenous and natural precious herbal medicines are procured from all parts of the world. To ensure that the procured ingredients satisfy the standards and are stable in quality, they are analyzed and authenticated through 10 methods including shape, size, appearance, quality, cross-section, odour (fragrance/stench) and taste (5 tastes), water test and fire test. The bird's nests, one of the ingredients, are supplied by the Thailand Bird's Nest Limited (No.1), a professional trader in the local sector, so as to ensure that genuine, premium and safe bird's nests are used.

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image003100% made in Hong Kong

All products of the Chan Lo Yi Hong Kong plants are 100% made in Hong Kong. Full computerization and automation are adopted from the selection of raw ingredients to production and packaging. The production process follows the Good manufacturing practice (GMP) to ensure product quality.

image001Guarantee of quality

Hong Kong Chan Lo Yi Medicine Co Ltd is a member of the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Chinese Patent Medicine Manufacturers' Association. All its products have been registered with the Hong Kong government and tested by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre to be compliant with the strict standards for proprietary Chinese medicines in heavy metal, residual pesticides, microorganisms, and acute toxicity test.